Feed Me More!

I was very happy to find out Wednesday night via Hamsterwatch that Sarah Hanlon had won the third season of Big Brother Canada. She seemed to be the voice of the season, and the voice of reason of this year’s cast, and it just so happened the votes went her way. Godfrey also played a […]


A lot to review this week isn’t there? In the first eviction vote Wednesday, Bobby Hlad’s dreams of 100 grand were crushed as he was sent packing in a unanimous 7-0 vote, with Britnee Blair again serving as pawn. ┬áThe “lightning round” taking place all during Wednesday’s live show saw Britnee take the HOH mantle […]

Triple Witching Hour

It seems to be a spring tradition that headlines grab my attention away from Big Brother Canada for a bit. Two years ago it was the tragic events in Boston, last year it was the tensions between Russia and the Ukraine. This year it’s been the events in Baltimore where six police officers allegedly mistreated […]