Pressure Is A Privilege

Between surviving eviction, being nominated, then winning the POV, Godfrey had quite a week.
Between surviving eviction, being nominated, then winning the POV, Godfrey had quite a week.

Unexpectedly, it was Jordan Parhar who went home this week, losing a close 5-4 verdict to Godfrey Mangwiza as the house did a flip to teach HOH Zach Oleynik that he was not master of his domain.  Fate then went Zach’s direction as pal Pilar Nemer won the next HOH, putting Godfrey and the returning Sindy Nguyen up.  Godfrey then won Power of Veto, assuring that Sindy will be up against someone else facing eviction on Wednesday, most likely Brittnee Blair if current speculation is to be believed, or barring any last minute changes.

Things did get interesting this week, but Pilar’s HOH run is just another cruel twist of fate for the show in which a rapidly developing plot got grounded into a slow crawl. Godfrey had an outstanding run this week staying in the game, but it’s pretty clear he’s just a running man (think of the old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie) at this point.  Without more allies, the house will evict him once he can’t win one of those two competitions that is keeping him whole right now.  Sindy appears to be in the same boat, although she has a bit more influence in the house, with Zach probably in a bit of a spot himself, but with time to recover.

In a week and a half, a double eviction will be held in which there will be there nominees and two evictees from those three, something that has never happened before in North American Big Brother to my knowledge.  The mechanics of such a procedure need more details, though.  Will there be one vote to evict the top two vote-getters, or will there two votes to eliminate one houseguest in each round?  (In other words, a vote amongst three, then a vote amongst the surviving two?)  That’s a detail that has strategic importance and should be told to us sometime before it happens.

As we learned a couple of weeks ago with that veto foul-up, details ARE important.  Not knowing details only leads to confusion.  Surely, our friends in Canada can’t mess up things that badly twice in the same season, right?

More next week, talk to you then.


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