Not Feeling The Love

Sarah Hanlon and Sindy Nguyen exchange smooches early in the BBCAN3 season.
Sarah Hanlon and Sindy Nguyen exchange smooches early in the BBCAN3 season.

You know it is a bad season when a houseguest mentions how bad a certain twist sucks, as Sarah Hanlon did this previous week.  More on that in a bit.

The past week saw Winnipeg’s Johnny Colatruglio go marching home and Sindy Nguyen re-enter the house after a 16 day respite, keeping the current field at 12.  Zach Oleynik is the current HOH and POV holder, and has put Godfrey Mangwiza and Jordan Parhar on the block.  Zach appeared to have other plans in mind, namely to use his nominees as a ruse to backdoor Bobby, but this plan might be getting scrapped in favor of targeting Jordan.

As Hamsterwatch so eloquently mentioned, it was another week where the show seems to want to follow in BB US’s footsteps.  By that, I mean that this is a show that wants ratings and wants warm bodies watching their feeds and shows, but also treats their hardcore viewers with a surprising amount of scorn.  This works here in the US because CBS always has the show on during the summertime, with the exception of that disastrous ninth season back in 2008 that aired in the late winter and early spring due to a writer’s strike.  A show airing in the summer has low expectations and ratings obstacles to overcome.

Telling the houseguests that viewers helped a series of skits earn them a reward, and then cutting those same viewers out of the feeds is not (dare I say) the best way to build rapport for your audience.  Yet, Big Brother Canada wants to go down that very same road of dysfunction BB US has been known for, and stays on the air for.  Probably doesn’t hurt that the CEO’s wife of CBS hosts the show either.

Global TV: good luck with that plan.  You’ll need such luck in the long term.

The only saving grace for the show so far has been Sarah and a few other players who actually try and play the game while the others lounge around.  I was hoping (as many did) that this would be a good season.  It has been anything but so far, and I think those who closely follow the show know it.

More next week, hopefully in a less critical tone if the circumstances allow.


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