The Great Canadian Veto Kerfuffel

Since we last talked two weeks ago (because a guy has to take the time to celebrate Easter), Sindy, Naeha, and Graig has said their goodbyes, albeit possibly temporarily.  Bruno Ielo currently reigns supreme as not only HOH but the veto holder as well, consolidating his power in a week where twists will once again play a big role in who goes away (or home) this week. 

A trademark of Canada’s Big Brother, or so it has been the past three years, is the menagerie of twists thrown at the combatants, which usually have a logical structure to them.  This recent twist revolving around a variation of how the veto will be used this week made very little sense, as Twitter user DVEm1 points out eloquently.

Did you get all that?

I’m not the biggest fan of twists though I understand the logic of not letting everything get too mundane.  The problem is that a twist with options that are not carefully worded just confuses the heck out of us smart people.  Now, no matter how the decision goes, there will be controversy and suggestions that producers wanted a certain outcome, no matter how truthful or not the allegations are.  All because the producers mangled the syntax of a pivotal twist.  

Another byproduct of the twistapalooza that’s been going on is that it’s caused the more interesting characters of the season to be the first out the door, which is a recipe for disaster.  That’s exactly what happened in the first US Big Brother back in 2000, and even here in the Canadian version of 2015 only one of them can return.  If previous seasons have been any indication, the returnee usually does not last long, save James in BB9 or Gary in BBCAN1. Usually, the returnee has a big bulls-eye or his or her back from the get go. 

I’m hoping whoever returns breathes some life back into the game, or that what appears to be a veto twist that appears to be a lame duck at this point provides a little intrigue.  It will have to get interesting soon, or BB fans across the world will likely find other things to occupy their time until BB17 starts in June.


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