Pressure Is A Privilege

Unexpectedly, it was Jordan Parhar who went home this week, losing a close 5-4 verdict to Godfrey Mangwiza as the house did a flip to teach HOH Zach Oleynik that he was not master of his domain.¬† Fate then went Zach’s direction as pal Pilar Nemer won the next HOH, putting Godfrey and the returning […]

Not Feeling The Love

You know it is a bad season when a houseguest mentions how bad a certain twist sucks, as Sarah Hanlon did this previous week. ¬†More on that in a bit. The past week saw Winnipeg’s Johnny Colatruglio go marching home and Sindy Nguyen re-enter the house after a 16 day respite, keeping the current field […]

The Great Canadian Veto Kerfuffel

Since we last talked two weeks ago (because a guy has to take the time to celebrate Easter), Sindy, Naeha, and Graig has said their goodbyes, albeit possibly temporarily.  Bruno Ielo currently reigns supreme as not only HOH but the veto holder as well, consolidating his power in a week where twists will once again […]