Laws Of The Jungle

With no furniture in the house, the BBCAN3 cast gathers on the floor.
With no furniture in the house, the BBCAN3 cast gathers on the floor.

Ten days have now gone by during the third season of Big Brother Canada, with the 11th day now underway. Risha Denner was the first houseguest to depart, leaving fifteen left in the game at this point. Bobby Hlad won the first Head of Household competition, and placed Britnee Blair and Kevin Martin up as nominees. Martin then won the veto competition, likely removing himself from the block.  The current speculation strongly suggests Sindy Nguyen will go up in Kevin’s place, and will likely be evicted Wednesday.

It is always interesting to watch the first few weeks and try to follow the warfare as it develops. The elements I focus on are: how will the women react to each other, and who plays passively, who plays aggressively, and who can play passive-aggressively?  I tend to think of how women play with or against each other in Big Brother as something I call tactical cattiness.

The opening of this season reminds me of the beginning of the competitions in the Hunger Games movies. Some are immediately deploying their verbal and mental weaponry, leaving themselves wide open for attack by others in the hunt. Sindy, for example, always seems to be leaving her verbal motor running, which has exposed herself to the others as perhaps too desperate of a schemer on the bulk of what she has said so far.

Much as was the case on the last year’s American season, the women seem to have an innate ability to distrust each other, as evidenced in the initial show on Monday night during the first HOH vote when they each picked two names, since they were all co-HOH’s. It seemed half the women in the cast had no qualms about putting up two women as block nominees, while others went for the approach of voting one guy and one girl.

The game’s first major alliance has taken shape in the form of the “Chop Shop” group led by current HOH Bobby. The mathematics of the alliance, a six member group with fifteen left in the game at this point, seems to suggest that this group will merely chop itself up. They will have to win competitions to reduce the odds that are not presently in their favor with a six against nine handicap.

If you were a Risha fan, all is not lost just yet. It was announced during Wednesday’s live show by the adorable hostess Arisa Cox that the first five to exit the game will compete to go back into the house, marking the first pre-jury revival of a houseguest in BB Canada’s short history. In her brief stay and exposure (no pun intended) in the house, Risha reminded me of Tonya from the third season of the American show in many ways, and not just the obvious ones. Like Tonya, maybe it was a good thing she left early and didn’t catch the breaks needed to remain in the game, as other houseguests ruminated that Risha had a sharp set of verbal claws at the ready.  While I’ve never been a big fan of giving one person two chances and giving everyone else a chance each, doing a revive-a-houseguest this way is the fairest way to do it.

More in two weeks, as I take a week off for the Easter holiday. Hoping your Easter break is a safe one.


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