You Get An HOH, And You Get An HOH…

Meet Risha, one of the newest contestants in Big Brother Canada's third season.
Meet Risha, one of the newest contestants in Big Brother Canada’s third season.

If the NCAA collegiate basketball tournament here in the United States can use the moniker of “March Madness” to describe the events that take place in those 67 games, a season of Big Brother Canada can be a temporary insanity.

While most of Canada awaits the opening episode to be shown on its new home, Global, it has already transpired in real time.  I should probably warn you all here in now that this blog doesn’t do the spoiler thing.  I tried that a few years ago and it didn’t sit well with me. After that, I decided to make this blog a spoiler free zone, and that tradition will carry on in 2015 with the two North American BB’s taking place.

Sixteen runners started off Canada’s third season (my pick is Bobby to win, by the way), and as is to be expected, producers for Big Brother Canada started off the season with a grandiose twist: all 16 houseguests were each given HOH powers.  Eat your heart out, Oprah Winfrey.

This creates a problem: with everyone HOH, who would be nominated?  They brought back the US BB1/BBUK/BBAU idea of giving each HOH two votes, and the highest two vote-getters would go on the block.  No word so far as to how ties would be resolved if at all, with rumors in play that the audience may decide the first eviction this week, which would also be a throwback (and throw-over?) to previous and international formats.

The first set of nominees prior to veto were Toronto’s Patricia “Risha” Denner and Huntsville’s Sindy Nguyen.  Yes, that’s not a misspelling.  That’s Cindy with an S instead of a C.

More information next week as we get the first few episodes and feeds.  Now if I can only find a way to watch!


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