Never Too Early To Read Tea Leaves

While the third season of Big Brother Canada is a little over three weeks away, there was a very telling clue as to what direction the seventeenth season of Big Brother will go when that curtain is lifted in late June.

CBS revealed that when the season commences, it will be a two-night premiere, as was the case last year.

Will the “Battle of the Block” format return this year?  You would think so, right?

Let’s keep in mind, however, that twists of various seasons gone by have been mixes of even earlier seasons.  It’s kind of like going to your neighborhood 7-Eleven and playing with the various flavors at the Slurpee machine.  Want a part-Cherry, part-Cola Slurpee?  Have at it.

But yes, I do think BB17 will have a BOTB element to it that will split the cast in halves for entry.  But suppose they mix things up with BOTB so that only one houseguest wins immunity from the block in that competition, leaving the other three up for the possibility of eviction, much like how BB15 had three nominees in the early going.  Maybe the HOH that stays on gets to make some kind of trade or switch with his or her three nominees thereafter.

That’s where I think they might be going with this.  We’ll know in a few months, as the producers will no doubt read this blog post and tweak accordingly.  I kid!

Back in a few weeks once BBCAN 3 gets started.  Until then, live long and prosper.


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