Laws Of The Jungle

Ten¬†days have now gone by during the third season of Big Brother Canada, with the 11th day now underway. Risha Denner was the first houseguest to depart, leaving fifteen left in the game at this point. Bobby Hlad won the first Head of Household competition, and placed Britnee Blair and Kevin Martin up as nominees. […]

You Get An HOH, And You Get An HOH…

If the NCAA collegiate basketball tournament here in the United States can use the moniker of “March Madness” to describe the events that take place in those 67 games, a season of Big Brother Canada can be a temporary insanity. While most of Canada¬†awaits the opening episode to be shown on its new home, Global, […]

Never Too Early To Read Tea Leaves

While the third season of Big Brother Canada is a little over three weeks away, there was a very telling clue as to what direction the seventeenth season of Big Brother will go when that curtain is lifted in late June. CBS revealed that when the season commences, it will be a two-night premiere, as […]