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Love him or hate him, Perez Hilton stole the show on season 15 of the UK's Celebrity Big Brother.
Love him or hate him, Perez Hilton stole the show on season 15 of the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Some called it brilliant, some called it boring, but the 15th version of Celebrity Big Brother once again captured the attention of scores of British fans for the 31 days it was on.

If you’re not familiar with how the UK does Big Brother, it is essentially the rules used in the first Big Brother here in the United States.  Each houseguest usually gets two nominations, and the top two vote-getters including ties go up for the public to vote out.  A strategy of playing nice in the beginning and being more ruthless in the end that we see in our country would probably be the exact opposite of what would be a good strategy over there.

In the UK version, rules are not a prop as they are here.  If you break a rule, you’re warned, then you’re gone if you do it again unless you do something so severe that an immediate ejection is called for.  American actor Jeremy Jackson learned this the hard way when he groped and exposed one of Chloe Goodman’s breasts in the first few nights of the season, as did actor Ken Morley when he used offensive language, another big time no-no after Jade Goody’s tirade on the fifth season of CBB back in 2008.

Internet gossip columnist Perez Hilton had the best finishes amongst the token Americans who usually appear in British seasons by finishing seventh and lasting 29 of the 31 days of the season.  His controversial behavior in the house did remind me a bit of Frankie Grande’s sortie last year, leading contestant Katie Hopkins to compare him to a yeast infection.  He did seem to relish in his “bad guy” tactics, although he thought the show should pay for mental counseling as he gets back into the real world.

Good to be back for another unreal reality season of Big Brother here in 2015, and I’ll talk to you all again next month.


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