16 After 16

So much for my prediction last month that we’d see a Big Brother soon without live feeds, as CBS has launched their own Netflix-like network called CBS All-Access. For as little as $6 monthly subscription, you get over 6,500 episodes of shows CBS owns the rights to, plus every Big Brother episode going back to season one in 2000.

Which gets me to this month’s topic:

Since it doesn’t look like there will be another All-Stars season anytime soon, I thought I’d share with you my “Dream 16” of the first 16 seasons, and show you what my All-Star season cast would look like.

A few ground rules first. I’m picking 8 men and 8 women, and if I have to channel my inner Grodner, I’d keep the game simplistic as possible. No highfalutin twists here, just the basic game everybody knows, although I’d throw in a one-off twist during the season at a random point and give the fans their choice of what twist from the past to employ.

Here’s my candidates, and a brief description of who I’d choose:


Eddie, BB1: (Like George from his season, I’d think he’d excel at the BB2 and beyond era.)
Will, BB2: (How do you not put him on the all-time list?)
Drew, BB5: (Skilled tactician during his season.)
Mike Boogie, BB2/BB7/BB14: (Just as capable and smart as his buddy Will.)
Dick, BB8: (Would drive the others crazy, and that alone would be entertainment enough.)
Dan, BB10/BB14: (Only contestant to play multiple seasons and not be evicted or quit.)
Ian, BB14: (The brains of any major alliance that the “dream game” would have.)
Derrick, BB16: (Right up there with Dan and Will as an all-time great.)


Lisa, BB3: (The first female winner would schmooze her way into contention.)
Danielle, BB3/BB7: (A great competitive schemer with drive to match.)
Jun, BB4: (Would probably make deals with the least likely candidates.)
Janelle, BB6/BB7/BB14: (Probably the greatest female competitor in show history.)
Maggie, BB6: (Underrated villainess who won her season with relative ease, and every show needs a villainess.)
Daniele, BB8/BB13: (Dick’s daughter was also a great in her own right.)
Jordan, BB11/BB13: (How would she do without Jeff?)
Rachel, BB12/BB13: (How would she do without Brendon?)

More next month…talk to you all then.


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