Requiem For A Scheme

Derrick passing some time, September 19, 2014.
Derrick passing some time, September 19, 2014.

Derrick, Cody, and Victoria are this year’s final three, with Frankie then Caleb evicted in the house in fifth and fourth place, respectively.

Frankie played the role of the entitled, stunt casted houseguest to the hilt. He admitted he was Ariana Grande’s brother when his back was against the wall in the midway point of the season, but had nothing left to reveal when his turn to leave came up. He’s probably destroyed the stunt casted houseguest for future seasons, which probably isn’t a bad thing when all is said and done. Many found him and his narcissism very annoying, and I agree with those assessments.

Caleb got off to a rocky start with a reputation that preceded him into the house way back in June, then a puppy love/hate relationship with early evictee Amber had many viewers question the wisdom of putting him in the house to begin with. When Amber left, the “beast mode cowboy” went on a pretty good run to propel him to his fourth place finish. The indecision Cody was racked with early in the game whether or not to get rid of Caleb early fell away when Cody once again had such a chance when only four houseguests remained, perhaps nullifying the opinion of many that Cody was too timid to play this game.

Derrick, whether he wins or loses, has had one of the more legendary visits to the Big Brother house in show history, as previously documented. He can set numerous precedents statistically in the game depending how the final night goes. If he wins the last part of the quasi-double elimination HOH always played when the house is down to three, he becomes the first houseguest of the 195 who have played to have not been nominated in a season, via default (as is the case in the final three) or otherwise. He could also make the final two and lose to either Cody or Victoria if the jury turns against him, which has a fair chance of happening. I’d have no problem with him winning the game, as he was laps ahead of anyone in the house this year, by design or not.

Victoria will break Spencer’s record from last year for nominees with her 10th nomination (again, by default) Wednesday night, something I thought last year would never be broken. Then again, there were four nominees for the the first part of the season and a portion of the second, so someone racking up that many noms was possible. If Victoria makes the final two, she will be a more undeserving runner-up (and the $50,000 going with it) than Ginamarie was last year. All she did was get nominated over and over again, kind of Big Brother’s version of a 1970’s boxer named Chuck Wepner, known more for the punches he took than what he threw.

When it comes to Cody, two previous Big Brothers in recent history come to mind as to what his fate might look like. I think, much like Ian Terry in season 14, he’ll have to play perfectly in the final HOH competition against to Derrick to win. Like the second season of Big Brother Canada, he may have to do something he’d rather not do to win the big pile of cash: eliminate his closest ally, much like Jon Pardy did to Neda Kalantar a few months back. To me, Cody might also be remembered for telling Frankie he’s not Jesus Christ, with a colorful metaphor thrown in to boot. I wouldn’t blame Cody if he took Derrick out if he wins the last HOH. You play to win. You don’t play to be the best friend of the winner.

I know to many it’s been a pretty ugly, boring season, especially with Frankie’s antics. With Utopia doing so poorly in the ratings, Wednesday night’s finale on CBS will probably bring back the fans to watch one more time until the house goes into mothballs until June of 2015 when BB17 starts.

I’ll be back to share my thoughts on the finale next Sunday, and share what I learned watching the season the week after that on October 5th. After that, it’s a post the first Sunday of each month until BB Canada 3 begins.


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