Dog Day Afternoons

The five remaining houseguests get a visit from a dog named Izzy on September 9th, 2014.
The five remaining houseguests get a visit from a dog named Izzy on September 9th, 2014.

With 10 days left in the longest season in US Big Brother history, the show seems desperate to regain online viewers that have found Utopia, while the FOX show of the same name has online viewers but some legitimate ratings problems.

No one went home this week, so Derrick, Caleb, Cody, Victoria, and Frankie still all have the chance at winning the $500,000 if they are the last houseguest standing on the evening of September 24th. Derrick still has the chance of being the first unnominated houseguest in show history should he get thru these last few days and HOH cycles without seeing the block. Meanwhile, it looks like Frankie might be in trouble and thus the next one going home, barring a great escape from the block these next few days.

I don’t give the show enough credit sometimes, and it’s easy after 16 seasons to sound jaded. But I will say this: bringing in Izzy the dog was a very nice touch. It is well documented how canines can be therapeutic to be with, and sure enough, the dog brought back some of the humanity in the houseguests and made them normal people for a little while. The only shame is that the dog couldn’t say, and that Frankie couldn’t be evicted.

Speaking of Frankie, there was a mass appeal online from Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber to campaign for Frankie to win America’s favorite houseguest, and the $25,000 prize that entails. Typical shenanigans from this bunch, really. Early in the season, Frankie’s fan base and what that would mean for the show was overrated, as Frankie didn’t get picked on Team America (and the abortion that has become) right away. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Mr. Grande has the “Miss Congeniality prize” on lock already, while he sits in there, almost eliminated from the big money. You can shout “unfair advantage” all you want, but CBS and production wanted this advantage to exist all along and are party and parcel to it, so it might help to go to the proper source to levy complaints.

The jurors coming into the house the following day was “cheap pop” designed to give TV ratings a boost, and I wasn’t all that wild about bringing them in for a meaningless luxury competitions that wound up throwing Victoria and Hayden $5,000 bones, respectively. How many times are they going to let evicted houseguests in the house? Just didn’t make sense on a few levels.

Meanwhile, Utopia debuted on FOX, and while the initial ratings were good, BB’s ratings on their debut night were even better. This is why I urged caution about Utopia, considering how many reality shows on that network have been spectacular failures. With “pioneers” shuffling in and out by the day, I’m starting to think that Utopia will be lucky to see the start of 2015.

That’s it for this week, more next Sunday!


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