The Week That Will Not Be

Christine Brecht and Nicole Franzel discuss things early in the BB16 season, which seems a long time ago now...
Christine Brecht and Nicole Franzel discuss things early in the BB16 season, which seems a long time ago now…

Nicole (once more) and Christine were the two evictees in a week so quiet, not even a double eviction could liven up.

How bad have things gotten? They brought Jeff and Jordan in from seasons eleven and thirteen, so that Jeffy could finally pop the question to the BB11 victrix.  There was also the curious case of a mystery button, which everyone pressed without knowing the consequences of hitting said button. We know what the consequences are: that the nominees Frankie (who won a record 5th HOH comp late Thursday night) put up will be annulled, and that an entire fresh round of play will take place on the CBS broadcast Wednesday night.

People will be discussing Christine’s play in the house long after season sixteen ends, in all likelihood, as she was roundly booed exiting the house. Even Julie Chen, who usually shies away from such critiques, questioned her game play in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. I’ve exchanged tweets with Christine’s husband Tim during the course of the season, and he’s gone out of his way to answer the tweets the viewing and social media public has had for him. Let’s let Tim and Christine handle their problem, because their relationship is theirs to define, and not anyone else to define.

Meanwhile, it appears that Utopia has stolen most of Big Brother’s thunder, and I would not be shocked at all if the new FOX show puts up a huge number against CBS’s Big Brother later tonight, even with the Jeff/Jordan engagement announcement and falderol.  Utopia is basically season one of Big Brother, but with the pioneers calling the shots for the most part, taking place over a year’s worth of time with a house mostly unbuilt. I would still emphasize caution before we crown Utopia the new king of all reality shows taking place inside of a house, but what former BB exec Jon Kroll and his fellow co-executive producers have put together has been quite impressive.

Derrick seems to be the overwhelming favorite to win still, but I wouldn’t count out Victoria or Frankie’s chances, either.

More next week, as we draw closer to finding out who wins BB16 on the 24th.


2 thoughts on “The Week That Will Not Be

  1. I am honestly very annoyed about Frankie being in the house. There is something really fishy with his presence. Something feels off this season. I respect Darrick’s game. I’m rooting for him.

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