New Kid In Town

Godspeed to you, Donny.  You made the feeds fun this year...
Godspeed to you, Donny. You made the feeds fun this year…

It’s now the 73rd day in season sixteen, with 24 days left to go. This week, it was Donny who made a tearful retreat to the jury after being voted out by 5-0 count after a couple of flip attempts in the last 24 hours. Donny is now member number four in the nine person jury, leaving seven in the game. He was easily the houseguest with the most integrity, undeserving of some of the treason that was talked about him in the guise of getting him out. He bagged $28,000 and landed a gig on the “Bold And The Beautiful” CBS soap opera in a cameo role, and I hope you will join me in wishing him well in his post-BB life.

In all honesty, I watched the feeds probably a grand total of a half and hour this week, outside of the HOH competition. Just not the same without Zach, and now without Donny. It is a cast where all that’s left are shades of grey, with the exceptions of Nicole, who got a second chance in the game and will be assured of being kicked out a second time unless a miracle happens between now and eviction. She and Christine began the week as nominees, put up after Caleb won yet another HOH comp, the yearly “fill up your (blank) before anyone else does” event. Christine won the POV competition, removing her from the block, and will put someone else on it come Monday.

I found the newest creation of Big Brother inventor John De Mol, Utopia, more interesting this week than the stagnant bore season sixteen has become.

Like BB, Utopia is a show about people living in a house, having to deal with each other and their differences. The difference with Utopia is it’s an open ended show, with a monthly eviction process, no winners, and a season that will last one full year. In the first couple of days alone on its live feeds (two of which are available for free, more can be purchased for $4.95 a month), Utopia has produced a series of controversies that has led to one “pioneer” (as opposed to a houseguest) getting booted even before the show began, another pioneer being hospitalized, and another put on trial for some drunken and disorderly conduct. The show has some serious upside potential, but let’s remember that FOX has had what seemed initially to be brilliant show ideas before only to turn into ratings disasters, so let’s wait a bit before declaring Utopia the new Big Brother.

Not to be outdone, there’s a fresh controversy emanating from the Big Brother house in Studio City with the irksome Frankie’s controversial comments yesterday, joking about raping Victoria. While comments such as these have been commonplace in previous seasons, none of these remarks have ever come from a houseguest who was been “stunt cast” into the show in its history. It will be interesting to see if Frankie’s remarks get aired on the CBS show; if they do not, it may be fair to declare the show is playing favorites, something some of us have sensed for a while. The scandal will likely blow over much like last year’s racist crap did, with about a 10% chance of Frankie’s remarks sticking around to haunt him or the show in some fashion.

Rape is not OK. Talking about rape is not OK. Enough said.

Thursday will mark the second double eviction, where the remaining seven houseguests will be reduced to five.  I’ll be back next Sunday for another recap and some more analysis. Have a safe remainder of your Labor Day weekend!


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