Expect The Expected

Christine, Cody, and Nicole back on July 26th.
Christine, Cody, and Nicole back on July 26th during happier times, waiting for a POV competition to get underway.

As the sixteenth season passes to two-thirds through mark, the power structure in the house is one step closer to ridding out everyone but their own once the game reaches the final six.

Zach was the latest casualty of this very one-sided war going on in the house this season. What started out as a festive practical joke by the Team America alliance as to who was stealing items owned by various houseguest somehow morphed into a “blame Zach” party, leading to his eviction. If Zach had just a touch more maturity, I think it’s quite likely he could have won this season. Instead he proved a perfect pasty for Derrick and Frankie to use as a shield for Team America and for the purposes of advancing in the game. Hopefully he’s given a chance to compete in an All-Stars season if they ever do another one in the future, and if that occasion arises, I think you’ll see a much more mature Zach Rance.

Zach’s eviction also brought up the forgotten Renom Rule, a loophole brought up on social media most of Sunday and Monday. Four seasons ago in the 42nd day of BB12 (August 13th, 2010), Brendon Villegas had plans to put Britney Haynes on the block during one eviction cycle, and told Britney his intentions outright. Producers told Brendon that his planned nomination of Britney would have to be nullified, and as it turned out, Ragan Fox and Lane Elenburg wound up being the nominees that day.

The feedsters forgot a couple of important points in their save-Zach hysteria:

First, it was Caleb who initially told Zach he would be the replacement nominee, and not Frankie, who was then the HOH. Secondly, the rules about HOH’s telling houseguests if they are being nominated had already been violated by Devin Shepherd initially, as I had mentioned back on July 6th. The rules only seem to matter when the show wants them to, plain and simple, and they have the discretion to disregard violations as they seem fit.

Nicole won the right to re-enter the house as a houseguest later on during the show. It’s unusual to see a buyback competition in consecutive seasons (in fact, it’s never happened before in show history), but it again goes to show the laziness I suspect is taking place at the executive level of the show. We were told this would be the twistiest season ever, and it is another promise that has proven to be dead on arrival. The one thing our favorite show needs is, ironically, the very thing that is the least likely to take place: a regime change at the top.

And by the way, whatever happened to endurance competitions?

Either Nicole or Donny had to win HOH or POV to send the power structure scurrying this week, but neither event took place. Cody won HOH and then POV Saturday night, which likely sends Donny out of the game and keeping the prodigal Nicole alive for now for a last chance at a significant turning point in a season that hasn’t really had any to this point.

How dominant has Derrick been? He’ll likely get to at least Day 71 before facing the threat of being nominated for the very first time, and it wouldn’t be impossible for him to go the whole season without being nominated at all.  Jason Guy and Danielle Reyes went to the final three before being default nominees in the 78th day of season three with neither of them winning their respective season, each falling to winner Lisa Donahue. An impressive run in a season which has had four nominees in eight of its nine HOH cycles, regardless of what you think of the Rhode Island policeman.

More next Sunday…see you then!


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