Puppet Masters

Several houseguests draw Skittles candies to see who gets nominated, August 15th, 2014.
Several houseguests draw Skittles candies to see who gets nominated, August 15th, 2014.

It’s the 59th day in the Big Brother house, in what will be the longest US season in show history, both in terms of duration and the boredom it has given live feeders. Nicole Franzel was the latest casualty of the tidy house Derrick has been running, although she has a one in four chance at a return this Thursday.

I had high hopes that once we got past the jury level that the game would get more interesting with the power structure slowly turning on each other. After the frenzy driven of a double eviction and Frankie’s revelation (which he planned before the season ever began) that he’s a media mogul and Ariana Grande’s sister, things have once again slowed down to a veritable crawl once again. The house seemed united to get Donny out of the game this week, but in a twist of fate that proved more karma than anything else, Donny and a unhelpful Christine won the last Battle Of The Block (hopefully ever), meaning Frankie could enjoy his second full-time and fourth overall reign as HOH, and Donny once again fights to live another day.

If this were a NASCAR race, Derrick would be leading everyone by three laps with 40% of the race to go. That wide a lead is not insurmountable considering the Rhode Island cop could always run into bad luck despite being so dominant in the social game and perhaps the weak play of everyone surrounding him. The true test will come in the 38 days left, where mental fatigue will come into play in earnest.  Plus all these days are opportunities for him to fumble the ball, or for others to figure him out and evict him.

Frankie won POV last night in a competition that marked the return of the comedy stylings of the Zingbot along with the BB debut of comedian Kathy Griffin. If I’m Zach, I’m watching my six here. There’s been acrimony in the “Zankie” alliance in recent days, and I’m expecting Frankie to get in the kill shot while he can by backdooring (in a game sense) Mr. Rance, much like Christine couldn’t avoid the “glory of the kill” (to coin an old Star Trek phrase) on Nicole when she had that chance last week.  In the end, there are some who play honorably and there are some who play to win the $500,000 in the end.  Frankie and Christine seem to be interested in the money, not any sense of fair play.

I just hope if Frankie asks Zach to commit a homosexual sex act on him in exchange for staying in the house, Zach turns him down if that is truly how he feels.

Finally, I’d love to comment about Robyn Kass’s tweet over this week past, which she said…


….but CBS and production are doing such a good job this season without my advice, I think I will refrain from making such comments.


Talk to you all next week!


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