A Grande Stand Play

A pensive Zach Rance sits in the living room before the double eviction on August 7, 2014.
A pensive Zach Rance sits in the living room before the double eviction on August 7, 2014.

Historians of the reality TV genre may have reason to look back at the events of the late evening on August 8th, 2014 in the Big Brother house. It was on this night that Frankie Grande, cornered and apparently doomed unless he won one of two contests over a two day period, won a Battle Of The Block under what even fellow contestants are calling suspicious circumstances. Then, he revealed his hidden identity to the cast as an explanation as to why he had been such a devious player, and that he is the brother of the very popular (at the moment) pop star Ariana Grande, playing the game for charity.

Even if the BOTB competition had been setup well in advance and above board (and not changed at the last second so that an individual can win for the team), why would Frankie promise to make these revelations ahead of the comp if he didn’t get approval from production before hand, and regardless of the outcome? Furthermore, why would he do so at this point in time with two comps left to go to seal his fate, knowing he can only play this kind of card once? The show has now become (or probably should be) a laughing stock, a personal commercial for all things Grande. While the houseguests are contractually obligated to continue on to their eviction and/or jury sequestration, has CBS and the powers that be forgotten that we the fans are not under any such obligation?

They sold out long time fans of the show who were LIVID on social media the past 36 hours or so, all in search of that teeny-bopper money and a younger demographic. It is beyond disgusting that this one houseguest has basically been permitted to become a walking commercial, and is now allowed to accept “bribes” from the other eight to remain in the game just a little bit longer. Want to see Justin Bieber, Caleb? Keep me in the game for a while. This will allowed to go on and on until the season ends. You watch.

Here’s the kicker to all of this: the announcement was so well coordinated, the CBSTweet twitter page even mentions it at 10:13pm Friday night, Pacific time. That meant production was most likely in on the whole thing.


At that very moment, Frankie had already begun his revelation to Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Zach. Frankie had revealed who he was on the feeds by 10:05pm. Eight minutes later, CBSTweets is posting about something that “may” happen that already has happened.


There was one blessing in disguise in all of this: the houseguests who were his closest allies in the game most of the way are now repulsed by him almost to every last contestant, including Christine Brecht, the reigning HOH in the eighth cycle. (It should be noted that Andy Herren won the eighth HOH competition, and wound up winning season 15. An omen for Christine, maybe?) So, with an unhelpful Caleb and with Frankie going solo to win his way off the block (and Caleb along with him), they are safe another seven days, and the other houseguests may have found other targets by then.

And as usual, the POV competition brought another sharp turn with Zach winning, removing himself from the block, and putting either Victoria, Derrick, Cody, or Nicole on it come Monday. After a brief and loud series of quarrels over the past couple of days that led to Frankie’s revelations on Friday night, the two mended fences the following night, and all was well in the world of Zankie once again.

Were we go from this point, who knows. Donny suddenly looks done for, despite an eleventh hour miracle of the kind that saved Zach winning a week ago or Christine renoms a bigger threat. I still say the game is in a shambles at this point with Frankie weaponizing his identity, and his apology to “Rancey Pants” last night just might buy him the time he needs. Plus, if this very clear case of production manipulation takes place now, will they manipulate somewhere else down the road before the show ends on September 24th?

Talk to you all again next Sunday, a day where hopefully we are seven days closer from Frankie Grande not being rammed down our throats. I usually don’t dislike contestants this much, but Frankie Grande is the Big Brother Antichrist.


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