Born Again

The Zach Rance "comic book" that aired during the POV competition Wednesday.
The Zach Rance “comic book” that aired during the POV competition Wednesday.

The New York Post on Tuesday called this season’s version of Big Brother the most boring ever. Well, it looks like the first of two double evictions of the season might have changed all of that.

The alliance in power led by Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Christine executed some excitement in the form of a major house flip. In the first of two evictions on the live show, it appeared for most of the week that the controversial and outspoken Zach Rance was a goner. Leave it to the “Beast Mode Cowboy” to figure out that ditching Zach and keeping Jocosta would not be in their best interest, but apparently Caleb did the math that Derrick failed to do. With a 6-2 eviction vote, the attempting flip of the house was successful, and Jocosta became the first juror (as confirmed on the live show), but will also have the chance to re-enter as was the case last year. More thoughts on that later.

With the seventh eviction cycle beginning and ending all within the hour, Nicole and Hayden were not happy at being blindsided by the rest of the house. Caleb won the HOH (a competition to find ONE HOH for tonight only, the dual HOH’s return after this stage for a couple of cycles, it can’t continue mathematically beyond that), making him the first to hold the title two times on a full-time basis. He nominated Donny and Hayden, with Donny winning POV. Nicole went up in Donny’s place, with Hayden winding up going to jury with Jocosta, ousted with a 5-2 vote.

Overall, I was pleased with the live show, although I noticed how repetitive the competitions were.  The HOH competition was a classroom setting, much like the first double eviction comp of a year ago, while the POV competition was similar to one held two years ago that Frank Eudy won.  The contests were a bit different than their predecessors, but the similar sets shows what I’ve been theorizing all along this season: a lack of originality among production on the feeds and on the TV shows. That and the “twists” revealed in the hour (that most of us in social media easily figured out) plus recycling the “revive-a-juror” twist from last year shows their laziness and a TOTAL lack of original ideas.

Was Zach’s saving something the production may have had a hand in? You can make that argument about a lot of events in the history of the show, with some arguments being legitimate and some not. Personally, I think there was manipulation going on behind the scenes because the producers had motive and opportunity. If the manipulation went on and somehow failed, no one would have noticed, and the criticisms of the show being boring would have lingered. As we all now know, the manipulation (if it did happen) was successful, and now we have a lot more excitement in the house and things to talk about with each of the nine houseguests remaining at this point in time.

As double evictions seem designed to do, there are some realignments going on in the house, Nicole and Donny realize they are on the outside looking in, with Miss Franzel going to work calling out Frankie and Christine and went word to word with Zach Rance, someone who you don’t want to verbally joust with.  Nicole then spilled the beans about the “Rationale” alliance, seemingly reuniting the bosom buddies for most of the season back together like a rock band with tumultuous relationships.

Derrick is far beyond any other houseguest this season in terms of strategical intellect. Even without power, he played his fellow contestants like puppets on a string. It would be easy to say Derrick is going to go all the way and take the $500,000 jackpot at the end, but it takes a little skill to get that money. Ask Neda from the second Big Brother Canada season that. If Derrick falters down the stretch, keep your eyes on Caleb (yes, Caleb, I said that) and Frankie, who are still well insulated despite the recent attacks Nicole and Hayden put on them.

On Sunday, I’ll be back to look at the eighth eviction cycle that has already begun, and with Nicole and Christine as the pro temp HOH’s, it’s going to be an interesting week.


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