Halfway Home

Frankie Grande flanked by the now departed Amber Bozotra (left) and Nicole Franzel.
Frankie Grande flanked by the now departed Amber Bozotra (left) and Nicole Franzel.

Today is the 45th day of the 16th US season of Big Brother (or so I thought when I typed this…the season will last 97 days this year, the longest season ever here in the US), which marks the season’s halfway point, or perhaps we may be beyond that point. Amber Bozotra was the latest departee, setting the remaining eleven contestants to be either jurors or the two finalists if last year’s structure holds. (It would be nice to get confirmation of these things and not have to be forced to use reasonable speculation, wouldn’t it?) In a way, I’m glad Amber’s out of there, though it costed her a shot at half a mil. Her “no-mance” with Caleb seemed to be getting out of control at the end, and if she had stayed in their with the “Beast Mode Cowboy”, who knows what would have happened? She brought class to this year’s proceedings, but this is a show where only one can reign supreme at the end.

We had another spectacle at Thursday’s live show where a live question and answer HOH competition produced no winner at show’s end, something that’s never happened before in the history of the show. It goes to prove a theory of mine that production of the live feeds and the TV show hasn’t brought their A-game this year. If the TV show is supposed to be a one-hour commercial for the live feeds, and the live feeds can’t show certain things to boost the ratings of the TV show, then the whole process becomes a dog chasing it’s own tail around, trying to bite it. It’s not really fair to treat your paying customers this way, gang, although you’ve been jerking us around for years. I’d tell you to stop doing that, but we the viewers all know you won’t, just like we know the show won’t be changing producers anytime soon.  And if you live feeders are unhappy about things, simply don’t pay for the feeds and quit giving them your money to screw you over. That’s the best thing you can do.

As for the game this week, kudos to Donny and Nicole for making interesting nomination choices. They each went with tandems of a weak player teamed with a strong player (in what will likely be the final round of dual HOH’s), with Donny’s team of Caleb and Victoria winning their way off the block. That left Nicole as the reigning HOH with Zach and Jocosta up as the week’s tributes heading into Monday.

Heading into a week where two more houseguests will be heading to make up the jury, there is legitimate intrigue. Christine won the POV late last night, and with her rocky relationship with Zach over the past couple of weeks, whether or not she uses the veto is an open question to be strategized over the next day or so. (My thinking right now: she won’t use it.) Then you have Frankie who acts in the house like he’s waiting for just the right spot to screw his buddy Zach to blame it on others. Also there are other houseguests who are on to Frankie, probably looking to do likewise to him if they can do it without getting blood on their hands.

Many thanks to the 540 or so following me on Twitter. For those who haven’t yet, it’s easy peasy. Just head over to my Twitter page and click the “Follow” button. I’ll be back on Friday with a special edition of the BBD, recapping the craziness of the double eviction, and then back on Sunday to recap the start of yet another HOH cycle of events and mayhem.


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