New Kid In Town

It’s now the 73rd day in season sixteen, with 24 days left to go. This week, it was Donny who made a tearful retreat to the jury after being voted out by 5-0 count after a couple of flip attempts in the last 24 hours. Donny is now member number four in the nine person […]

Expect The Expected

As the sixteenth season passes to two-thirds through mark, the power structure in the house is one step closer to ridding out everyone but their own once the game reaches the final six. Zach was the latest casualty of this very one-sided war going on in the house this season. What started out as a […]

Puppet Masters

It’s the 59th day in the Big Brother house, in what will be the longest US season in show history, both in terms of duration and the boredom it has given live feeders. Nicole Franzel was the latest casualty of the tidy house Derrick has been running, although she has a one in four chance at […]

A Grande Stand Play

Historians of the reality TV genre may have reason to look back at the events of the late evening on August 8th, 2014 in the Big Brother house. It was on this night that Frankie Grande, cornered and apparently doomed unless he won one of two contests over a two day period, won a Battle […]

Born Again

The New York Post on Tuesday called this season’s version of Big Brother the most boring ever. Well, it looks like the first of two double evictions of the season might have changed all of that. The alliance in power led by Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Christine executed some excitement in the form of a major […]

Halfway Home

Today is the 45th day of the 16th US season of Big Brother (or so I thought when I typed this…the season will last 97 days this year, the longest season ever here in the US), which marks the season’s halfway point, or perhaps we may be beyond that point. Amber Bozotra was the latest departee, setting the […]