Fork In The Road

Britney Martinez back heels her 2,400th goal last Sunday as part of her POV punishment. She also wound up going home four days later.
Britney Martinez back heels her 2,400th goal last Sunday as part of her POV punishment. She also wound up going home four days later.

Before going on with the meat of this week’s entry, I’d like to extend my condolences to Frankie Grande and Derrick Levasseur, as they have each lost grandfathers this week past. Whether they win or lose the game in the weeks ahead, my deepest sympathies go out to them and their families, and I hope the community that follows this show would take a moment to extend their sympathies as well.

This week that went by in the USA’s version of Big Brotherland claimed Brittany Martinez as its fourth evictee, but unlike the dullness that enveloped last week, there were some captivating moments this week, including a moment that will likely impact future events in the coming weeks and months as the season moves forward.

On Monday, then-HOH Cody Calafiore wrestled with the decision of who to re-nominate in lieu of Victoria Rafaeli’s POV win. One school of thought was to put Caleb Reynolds up against Brittany Martinez in the head-to-head vote on Thursday, thinking momentum would gravitate towards Caleb going home. Cody’s game allies, led by Derrick and Frankie, each wanted Donny Thompson up as a pawn to ensure that Brittany would wind up going home.  As the feeds went into “blackout mode” (so that the meeting airs exclusively on the TV show and not the feeds) it appeared Cody was going to shake up the game and put Caleb up, but Cody went with Donny as his renomination pick.

Thursday brought two more pro tempore HOH’s who wound up being Frankie (via most of the house throwing it to him) and Zach Rance.  Zach reminds me of Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman character, played so well in it’s five seasons on AMC by Aaron Paul. He is oil to Frankie’s water, the one who always asks questions and makes observations where others fail, either for lack of courage or an abundance of intelligence. He is unlike any other player I have seen on the North American shows even dating back to 2000 and Will-Mega Collins, as Zach always seems to have a counterpoint to anyone’s other points. You would think his recklessness may cost him his shot at 500K over the coming weeks, but he has executed his strategy well thus far. He might be more of a genius than anyone gives him credit for at this point, if that’s possible.

I haven’t talked at great depth about Caleb and his “nomance” with Amber Bozotra.  Mr. Reynolds vacillates back and forth between liking Amber and hating her, depending on his moods over various days. Recently, Caleb has gotten more aggressive when he likes Amber, kissing her while she slept at one point during the week. Many on social media thought that would be enough to earn Caleb a disqualification from the show, as the action could be perceived as a form of harassment.  Personally, I would be quite all right if either one of them went home in this week coming up, so that one of them makes the jury while the other watches the rest of the game on TV. I wouldn’t even care if production rigged things so this happens. They need to get these two away from each other before something bad can happen.

Saturday, as usual, gave the game a new spin to work on leading up to the POV decision coming tomorrow. Hayden Voss won it, and vowed immediately to grant safety to Victoria, leaving Jocosta Odom up against the replacement nominee Frankie names on Monday. At this point it looks like Amber is going to be that replacement, but Frankie is the type of player who always looks for the way to do something that leaves the best perception amongst his competitors.  Amber could go up, so could Caleb, and even Zach could go up as a pawn or if Frankie gets ticked off at him again.

I know a lot of fans on social media say this has been a boring season. I still consider this to be a very good cast, but keep in mind a good cast needs a good story. The double-decker HOH’s and nominees twist has weeded out players who don’t have the best social games or are weak physically so far. Once we get to the final 11 and beyond and we get to the conventional game, I still expect we will see the intensity ratchet up at last. There are some very good players in there this season, it’s just that they haven’t been challenged yet, and that will change soon.  Hopefully.  Maybe.

Talk to you all next week, and my thanks to the 500 plus followers I’ve gotten over on Twitter. As those 1980’s guys Bartles and Jaymes used to say, I thank you for your support.


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