Half-A-Millionaire Men’s Club

Brittney Martinez (left) and Cody Calafiore (right) have a heated discussion early Friday morning. Cody would wind up nominating Brittney a few hours later.
Brittney Martinez (left) and Cody Calafiore (right) have a heated discussion early Friday morning. Cody would wind up nominating Brittney a few hours later.

To be totally honest, it was probably one of the dullest weeks in recent show history. The house circled their collective wagons to dispose of former minor league ballplayer and father Devin Shepherd, who’d be the first to tell you about his daughter in his stay in the house. The odds were in favor of the house succeeding, as they often are when it is thirteen against one, and Devin knew he was a goner when he lost the Power of Veto competition the previous Saturday.

I found the feeds unwatchable most of the week, with a no-brainer decision ahead of the house, plus world events (such as the deliberate downing of a passenger aircraft by Russians or their sympathizers) really didn’t lead to captivating viewing. One side of the house, mostly led by men, were running up the score on the inferior opposing side, led mostly be women who have yet to figure out that they need to pool their efforts. It does not make for exciting TV to watch a baseball game in the third inning with one team sporting a ten run lead, so watching a house where one side is in total control is a bit dull. The dominant side of the house, seemingly led by Providence policeman Derrick Levasseur, has grown a bit more arrogant, wanting to break up the rest of the women in the game before they finally realize aligning with each other is in their best interests. The one upside to this group’s now arrogant ways is it will probably led to their breaking up sooner rather than later. I could easily see Zach Rance rubbing Frankie Grande the wrong way (no pun intended) or Cody Calafiore.

The house did have a touching moment or two, however. Donny Thompson, the previous week’s POV holder, made a symbolic move in saving Georgia minister Jocosta Odom from the block. Odom made history in that competition when she became the first nominee in show history not to compete in the POV contest due to exhaustion and dehydration. Donny made no bones about showing Jocosta his veto medallion and making his intentions known as soon as he won. He’ll gain a lot of fans for doing that, but the landscape of the game as it stands now probably means he will go home sooner or later. Being a honest player or a total liar usually sends you home by the more skilled players at neither end of the truth spectrum.

Thursday brought the unique spectacle of the CBS primetime show promising live coverage of the ongoing Head of Household competition that began as the show concluded, then reneging on the promise when the feeds came back a half hour later with winners already determined. To me, it was another “bait and switch” by production who has been doing such tactics for years, who tell you the feeds are 24/7, but reserve the right to interrupt that whenever they chose. It would be nice if the powers that be would air a POV or a Battle of the Block competition live on the feeds at least once a year. As Mike Myers said in the Austin Powers movies, “Throw me a frigging bone here!”

The comp itself was one of those random pairings of two events where one team attempts to complete a task before the other teams do. Cody, the man who would be HOH from the men’s side in week two, and Frankie wound up the winners. The stratagem of putting up nothing but the women was continued in the fourth round of nominations, with Brittney, Jocosta, Amber Bozotra, and Victoria Rafaeli being put up on the block. The team of Amber and Jocosta won Battle of the Block, keeping themselves and opposite HOH Cody safe another week, and thereby keeping Brittney and Victoria each eligible for eviction going into Saturday.

Friday night brought a rather bizarre incident involving Victoria and the Diary Room.  Rafaeli was summoned to the DR repeatedly around 5-6 pm PT/BBT, with Rafaeli distraught every time she reemerged back into the house. When other houseguests asked what was up with Victoria, she told whoever questioned her that the topic was out of bounds. If it came up, the feeds would go to fish for several minutes at a time, re-emerging at some other conversation point. From what I read on social media on Saturday, it involved allegations and violations of rules by Victoria, but that’s about all I could gather.

It was another incident, with all due respect, that shows production’s continuing lack of transparency. Imagine watching an NFL game where a penalty is called, but the referee can’t tell you the foul committed. I realize I probably harp on production a bit too much in my rantings, and that it’s not an easy job to run a house inside of a studio, but if we’re paying over $20 for the feeds, we shouldn’t be crapped upon anytime production pleases.

Yesterday brought word of a “holiday miracle” with Victoria winning POV, and other competitors winning and trading punishments and rewards. That win probably seals Martinez’s fate come Thursday, with Donny the like renom with little chance of eviction. Brit likes to speak about which of her fellow houseguests are the most deserving of being there, something the game is designed to decide beyond reasonable dispute. Much like Devin this week past, Brittney will be reunited with her children sooner rather than later,  and if she can’t win, that seems the most humane fate for her.

Talk to you all next week, and a special thanks to the over 450 of you following me on Twitter.


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