The Officer Reports For Duty

Devin Sheperd sits at a table alone on July 11th, while a group gathers at a kitchen.
Devin Sheperd sits at a table alone on July 11th, while a group gathers at a kitchen.

As this Sunday approaches, season sixteen is now more than 25% over with. Currently, Derrick Levasseur is the reigning HOH holder, while Donny Thompson has again won POV. Jocosta Odom (who did not compete in the POV competition due to hydration and exhaustion) and Celeb Reynolds are the nominees, with Odom likely to be replaced by Devin Shepherd. Shepherd appears to be on his way out come Thursday, although there is a bit of a move to get rid of Caleb instead as this entry went to press.

Zach Rance lured Shepherd, the previous week’s HOH, into nominating him Monday in an interesting gambit that showed Zach’s pure genius and immaturity simultaneously. A series of arguments immediately followed the POV meeting, in which Rance and Paola Shea (who was evicted Thursday past) each called Devin a liar and a disgrace to his much talked about daughter. The vote itself was academic, with Paola the 10-2 loser, keeping the “model always goes out second curse” alive another year. A brilliant move by Mr. Rance for sure, but that much effort to survive the second week might bite him in the ass later.

The week was made to order for the TV show, but failed to show that Frankie Grande had lobbied Devin to put Zach on the block on Sunday, which is an important point. Without that point of context, TV show viewers thought Zach was the aggressor in the Zankie tiff, and not the other way around. Grande also lobbied for votes to get Zach evicted during the week, something else that went sight unseen on TV. Why give Frankie such a favorable push, and Zach such an unfavorable one? Do they want Frankie fans (and Ariana Grande fans by default) not to be fully informed on how he’s faring? An interesting point as time moves on.

The Team America alliance came together in the form of Derrick, Donny, and Frankie, and they were given the all important mission to…wait for it…spread rumors that a current houseguest is related to a former one, which was kind of mindless. I take that back: it’s ridiculously mindless. As I’ve been saying previously, I’d much rather not see audience participation in Big Brother, and let the houseguests play their own games.  Who knows if Zach, and the allegations of him being Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin, wind up hurting him at some point down the road?

As for the house, it appears at this point that once Devin leaves, the former members of the Bomb Squad minus Devin will be pitted against the six others: Brittany Martinez, Nicole, Donny, Hayden Voss, Jocosta, and Victoria Rafaeli. The Bomb Squad remnants appear more united and aligned than the rest of the house appears to be, but I look for Christine Brecht and possibly Amber Bozotra to emerge as floaters, especially if Caleb’s awkward relationship with Amber goes sour. Brittany should be the most vocal of the non-Bombers, and the most likely to jump to the other side if the right deal is cut. Depending on how the HOH’s and POV’s bounce, I look at Caleb, Victoria, and Brittany to be on the endangered list as the season progresses.

Finally, can we get rid of the whole Have Not business? It’s just not cool anymore, especially with Frankie’s circulatory issues and Christine’s need for gluten-free foods. I just don’t think watching people starve and putting them in rooms that might make them sick is exciting as a case of venereal disease. Talk to you all next week!


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