Fork In The Road

Before going on with the meat of this week’s entry, I’d like to extend my condolences to Frankie Grande and Derrick Levasseur, as they have each lost grandfathers this week past. Whether they win or lose the game in the weeks ahead, my deepest sympathies go out to them and their families, and I hope […]

Half-A-Millionaire Men’s Club

To be totally honest, it was probably one of the dullest weeks in recent show history. The house circled their collective wagons to dispose of former minor league ballplayer and father Devin Shepherd, who’d be the first to tell you about his daughter in his stay in the house. The odds were in favor of […]

The Officer Reports For Duty

As this Sunday approaches, season sixteen is now more than 25% over with. Currently, Derrick Levasseur is the reigning HOH holder, while Donny Thompson has again won POV. Jocosta Odom (who did not compete in the POV competition due to hydration and exhaustion) and Celeb Reynolds are the nominees, with Odom likely to be replaced […]

Barbarian At The Gate

There are weeks watching this show that there’s very little to talk about. This was not one of those weeks! Joey Van Pelt, who entered the house first, was also the first evicted, an unprecedented event in US BB history. Scott Weintraub also entered first and left first back in season four, but his departure […]