Paging Albert Einstein

Jeff Schroeder interviewing Jordan Lloyd this week on the CBS BB live feed, with the BB 11 winner sporting a different look.
Jeff Schroeder interviewing Jordan Lloyd this week on the CBS BB live feed, with the BB 11 winner sporting a different look.

It’s four days shy of the BB16 cast reveal, and the online universe of fans, shills, haters, and what not are all frothing at the mouth, trying to figure out what the casting twist is before the casting twist is revealed. And it may not totally be revealed, mind you.  We just may get the majority of the pieces to the puzzle that day, as was the case for the BB14 reveal two years ago.

We do know that the premiere of the live feeds will NOT be on June 25th, when the first CBS show airs, but the night afterwards. That’s because the opening of the series this year is a two-part affair. Another Big Brother tradition continues on, in that any way producers can find a way to gyp viewers from watching the live feeds, they will find it.  They believe from time to time that less is more, so I guess that also means that more most of time is…less?

Meanwhile, the rumor mongering on social media rambles on. Most of the Twitterverse closely examines the feeds of former houseguests, looking for the days a former houseguest isn’t on and declaring that producers have sequestered said former contestant. It certainly appears that this year will have previous contestants on it, with the live feeds airing episodes from previous seasons. What shouldn’t be overlooked is the possibility that this could all be some kind of swerve. I’d give it about a 1 in 100 chance right now, but you know what they say: expect the unexpected.

If we do have former houseguests returning, it will be the third such season in the past four, the fourth such season in the past six, and the fifth such season in the past ten.  Unlike other networks for the most part (with notable exceptions), CBS seems to have a welfare system for their reality contestants where a contestant on one show winds up on another, or back on his or her own show a few years later to play the same game all over again.  CBS believes this is what you, the viewers, want.  The only way to get them to stop that line of thinking is to stop watching, which they believe you cannot do because you’re addicted to their shows.  Simple as that.  Then, a lot of these former reality stars will be holding “will work for…” signs on Ventura Boulevard out in Studio City, and no one wants to see that, right?

It was Albert Einstein who said insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. Of course, in the world of reality TV, what seems insane in the real world is totally sane in theirs.


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