First Impressions

They are in the house. We’ve seen them on TV, and now they’re on the live feeds for us to see for a small pittance.  I’ve spent most of the past couple of days watching, wanting to get a gauge on how they’re interacting in the house. I thought this week I could go through […]

Stacking The Deck?

We have a cast, we have a refurbished house, and we have a twist. That is, at least for a little while. Everything we need to know was revealed over the past weeks, and as usual, the revelations left more questions than answers. Let’s take things in chronological order, shall we? First is the twist […]

Paging Albert Einstein

It’s four days shy of the BB16 cast reveal, and the online universe of fans, shills, haters, and what not are all frothing at the mouth, trying to figure out what the casting twist is before the casting twist is revealed. And it may not totally be revealed, mind you.  We just may get the […]

Here We Go Again

We’re now 17 days removed from the launch of sixteenth US season of Big Brother. Never thought back in the 2000’s the show would get this far into the second decade of the 21st century, but yet here we are. Those of you who thought there would be a change in production for this season, […]