The Final Curtain

There’s now less than a week remaining in the second season of Canada’s version of Big Brother as I type this. Adel Elsari finished fifth, evicted from the house this past Thursday on the game’s 64th day.  Meanwhile, Montreal’s Sabrina Abbate punched her ticket into the final three by winning the most recent HOH competition, with Jonathan Pardy punching his by winning the final POV of the season. Either Heather Decksheimer of Edmonton or Vancouver’s Neda Kalantar go home next in fourth place, then (or so it’s thought) the traditional three-tier HOH competition begins to find the last Head of Household of the year who has sole powers to evict one of the remaining two.

The last two standing face six (not seven, as “Canada” has one of the jury votes under one of the season’s many twists) jurors who will aid in deciding who wins the second season, and the $100,000 and prizes that will go along with the reward. I’d like to see Neda win, although she’s in bad shape at the moment, on the block in the final four stage.

One thing you can say about this year’s season: none on the final four don’t deserve to be where they are at. Even Sabrina Abbate, who has been nominated seven times this season, proved her standing by winning a critical HOH on Thursday. Usually someone in the final four slips thru the cracks, but not this particular season. Back next week to tag and bag Canada’s season two…a few weeks left before “Big Brother the 16th” (as I like to call it) begins stateside in late June. Hopefully, without the ugliness and racism we were subjected to last year. Life’s too short to hate.


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