Five For The Money

Since I last posted two weeks ago (due to the Easter holiday), Arlie Shaban, Allison White, and Rachelle Diamond have been eliminated, leaving the game down to just five houseguests remaining. Currently, Jon Pardy is in his second reign as HOH, nominating Heather Decksheimer and Sabrina Abbate for eviction.

At this point in time, I’d be totally shocked if Neda Kalantar doesn’t at least make the final two. Her execution of Allison White, benefited by “instant eviction” rules where no veto game or ceremony was played (perhaps a homage to season two of the US franchise won by the “Evil Doctor” Will Kirby), was a classic move seen in the US game over and over again over the years. If you don’t have a reason to evict somebody, use smoke and mirrors.

In the end, this is a game, and reality shows are games that do not necessarily have to have ethical commitments to them. It would be nice if everybody played ethically, sure, but with $100,000 Canadian at stake, some of these contestants would kill members of their own family for that kind of money. The houseguests are eventually baby-faced (or a little older) assassins, playing to advance to the end ANY way they can.

Neda will either be the clear winner of season two, or perhaps the first “undeserving runner-up” in the Canadian series, rivaling Danielle Reyes in the third US season or Dan Gheesling in his landmark run to the money two years ago. We’ll have to see how she does, but right now she’s clearly above the rest of the field.


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