Veto Is A Busy Dude

With Sarah Miller and Kenny Brain now each vamoosed from the house, we have Newfoundland’s Jon Pardy ruling the house with not only HOH powers, but with the power of veto to consolidate his power in the house.

But little does he know that Allison White holds something called a red veto, which is a secret veto power. She can call an auxiliary veto meeting after the usual veto meeting is held and use her powers at that point, and she can do so in either this HOH cycle or the next, having forfeited the chance to do so in the previous eviction cycle.

Adel Elsari also used a veto of his own this week as well. His veto power, called a buzzworthy veto, allowed him to kick out any selected player for the POV competition, so Allison was not allowed to compete in POV as chosen, with Elsari competing in her place without winning the honors. Again, the rest of the house has yet to know that Allison has veto powers, nor is she allowed to inform them before it is used.

I hope this makes sense to you all, because it confuses the heck out of me. Too many balls in play, too many permutations as to what can happen in these next few days. It’s like playing draw poker with deuces, fours, sixes, and eights wild.

Hopefully next week, we’ll have a clearer picture of things.


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