The Tell Tale Fuzzy Peach Candy

With Canada serving as a de-facto Head of Household last week, “they” wound up nominating Andrew Gordon and Sabrina Abbate for eviction, and when Jonathan Pardy won the POV contest, he elected not to use his veto powers. With the nominees remaining in tact, it was Andrew who winded up homeward bound with seven votes for his eviction to Sabrina’s two.

In HOH stage number six, and with the seventh stage taking place as part of a double eviction night on Thursday, Heather Decksheimer became the fifth different decision maker of the season, placing Allison White and Kenny Brain up on the block. According to the Wikipedia page covering Big Brother 2 (there are other sources saying the veto ceremony has yet to happen, which seems more likely to me), Kenny won the POV, saving himself. That meant Sarah Miller went up as his replacement, meaning either Allison or Sarah will go home one spot before the remaining nine reach the jury.

Rachelle Diamond can consider herself darned lucky that she didn’t go up as a nominee either by penalty or by the will of Heather, or the house for that matter.  She decided to eat a fuzzy peach flavored piece of candy that belonged to Heather as part of her HOH reward for the week while under a have-not food penalty. Instead of taking action again the 20 year old Edmonton student, producers decided to part the entire house under the same have-not food penalty for the week, among other things.

I don’t agree with the punishment, and I feel that punishing everybody for the actions of one person is excessive. This is how a house mutiny could get started, as nearly happened on the first Big Brother here in the United States. Contracts and a 1 in 10 chance of $100,000 be damned, what if someone decided to walk out, or worse yet, not cooperate? Say a houseguest refused to cast a vote on the live show, basically holding it hostage. Then the show would have a much bigger problem on their hands.

If someone wound up doing something like that and I were a producer, the resolution would be simple: Rachelle would automatically go up on the block, and Heather would be allowed to pick the one person who goes up with her. By not taking that action, she’ll wind up staying in the house longer than perhaps she should have, causing Sarah or Allison to go home earlier than they should have. But at the end of the day, it is their show, and I merely attempt to make sense of it all.


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