Five For The Money

Since I last posted two weeks ago (due to the Easter holiday), Arlie Shaban, Allison White, and Rachelle Diamond have been eliminated, leaving the game down to just five houseguests remaining. Currently, Jon Pardy is in his second reign as HOH, nominating Heather Decksheimer and Sabrina Abbate for eviction. At this point in┬átime, I’d be […]

Veto Is A Busy Dude

With Sarah Miller and Kenny Brain now each vamoosed from the house, we have Newfoundland’s Jon Pardy ruling the house with not only HOH powers, but with the power of veto to consolidate his power in the house. But little does he know that Allison White holds something called a red veto, which is a […]

The Tell Tale Fuzzy Peach Candy

With Canada serving as a de-facto Head of Household last week, “they” wound up nominating Andrew Gordon and Sabrina Abbate for eviction, and when Jonathan Pardy won the POV contest, he elected not to use his veto powers. With the nominees remaining in tact, it was Andrew who winded up homeward bound with seven votes […]