A Whole Lot Of Nothing

This week, it was Ika Wong’s turn to depart the house, losing the eviction vote 8-1 to Heather Decksheimer. Canada (meaning the show’s viewers) have been declared the week’s Head of Household, with the relevant facts of the new HOH cycle not yet known, due to a live feed blackout going from Saturday morning to Sunday’s show.

Making the viewers de-facto HOH’s is something that’s never been done in North American show history, obviously. This is bound to favor Allison White and keep her from going home for another week, since “Canada” voted her into the house from the War Room.

I know the fans of the show love getting “power” to make their decisions, but I again remind everyone that this is a reality TV show, where reality is often times not reality. There are shows in this realm who say we voted a certain way, but have been revealed by the media as ignoring those votes, as evidenced recently by the New York Daily News article concerning the inner workings of the NBC show The Voice. If the producers do make the ultimate choice, I’m sure they will use the show’s voting (which they can only see, since no media organization dares to audit them) as a gauge as to what to do.

If only somebody went to the media anonymously and told the media of what really goes on behind Big Brother in the US and Canada. That would be a good thing.

That’s why I’m not a big fan of all the twists that go on in a given season. I watch to see how strategies play out, not to see a zillion different twists that alter these strategies. But that’s just me. Your milage may vary as mine does.


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