They Buried Paul

In the past seven days, these were the developments:

Paul Jackson made history, becoming the first sole HOH to be evicted third or sooner in the 17 North American versions of Big Brother, evicted 6-4 despite most of the women wanting to get rid of Heather Decksheimer. Rachelle Diamond, who had been playing a stealthy game up until Day 22, became HOH in the fourth cycle, thus nominating Decksheimer and the newest member of the house, Allison White.

Last night, White saved herself from going out the door this Thursday by winning the Power of Veto, meaning Miss Diamond will likely have to pick a replacement nominee.

Back to Jackson’s eviction and his record-breaking performance, and not in a good way. In season seven of the US version, Jase Wirey was evicted third after co-winning the first HOH that year with Janelle Pierzina, so he wasn’t leading the house by himself. The much bashed season nine had the “power couple” who made the first eviction all by themselves, with Sharon Obermuller and Jacob Heald leaving the house at the hands of Jen Diturno and Parker Somerville. Diturno and Somerville wound up out the door next, followed by the first co-HOH’s that year, the pairing of Amanda Hansen and Alex Coladonato.

Personally, I always love it when someone the house wants to get rid of en masse goes home. Not because that particular houseguest should or should not be reviled, but because they then have to turn on each other and find a new person to target. Deals get cut, and the game moves along.

As it turned out, Paul’s gambit of wanting to evict the first wave of departures in the first HOH competition was his undoing. It was a rarely used gambit, but when you do something like that, half the house doesn’t want anything to do with you, and you get no where playing to 50% of your potential base.


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