Allison In Wonderland

The facts of the past seven days as the second season of BB Canada rolls on are these: Paul Jackson is still in the game after nearly becoming the first person in the North American format’s history to be HOH in its first cycle and evicted in its second cycle. (Not counting BB14’s Willie Hantz, who was not evicted, but expelled.) Kyle Shore, the Nova Scotia personal trainer, went home instead.

Allison White, the Newfoundland nurse, entered the game from the war room where she and two other houseguests-to-be had resided in secret the week leading up to Thursday’s decision by Canadian fans…or was it? Allison could not be the season’s third HOH (Andrew Gordon was HOH number two) by rule, but in turn could not be nominated either. So far in the third HOH cycle, the former Jamaican Ika Wong has won HOH and veto powers, likely keeping Paul Jackson and Heather Decksheimer up until one of those two is eliminated from the game.

This week, I found it very hard to keep up with events in the house. The world seems more focused on a missing airliner somewhere on the other side of the world, and the ever-growing tensions between Russia, the Ukraine, and the rest of the western world each seem a bit more important, much as the events in Boston after the bombings there last April seem to have the world on edge.

It’s also harder (or so it seems) to watch the shows here in the United States, as our country continues to pretend other versions of the shows do not exist. Nethertheless, we will soldier on and provide another update in seven days, Lord willing, and if the creek don’t rise.


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