One Out, One In

Fear The Beard?  Houseguest Kenny Brain hasn't made any waves yet in BB Canada 2, and that's a good thing.
Fear The Beard? Houseguest Kenny Brain hasn’t made any waves yet in BB Canada 2, and that’s a good thing.

The second season of the Canadian version of Big Brother is now underway, actually into it’s 11th day of competition.  Anick Gervais was this year’s “Gigli” (like the 2003 movie that was one of the worst bombs ever), eliminated at the hands of Paul Jackson, who used a unique gambit to win the first Head of Household competition.

Fair warning from this point out: I do not do spoilers.  Just because the TV show airs events behind what happens in real time doesn’t mean I’m beholden to that timeline. But just this once for the season, I’ll provide a “stop sign” here and now in case you don’t want to know.  That is, if you are seeing this post on the Big Brother Diaries website.  If you’re seeing this post elsewhere, that may or may not apply.

Andrew Gordon won the second HOH competition, and after being nomination in the first HOH cycle, he placed Paul up for nomination along with Neda Kalantar.  The veto game has yet to be played as of press time.

The twist used in the Canadian game, to put a new houseguest in at the Day 15 mark, is being billed as something never seen before. But alas, it is only somewhat new but not really in terms of the way the Big Brother series has been played in English-language countries where contestants enter the game mid-stream to replace those who wish to retire and forfeit a chance at winning, particularly in the UK version.

A shame to see the Canadian version resort to US tactics to keep an audience, providing twists that are merely variations of what’s been seen before, and give “the people” votes that may or may not be legitimate.  I would love to see someone or some organization audit Slice or CBS for the voting results, but no other network would touch that idea, because they too run reality shows whose integrity needs protection.

As for the game itself, Paul Jackson is playing too hard too early. Odd how that always happens, doesn’t it?  Look at those who are not making waves right now in the early going, who are playing conservatively.  That’s likely where the winner is hiding in plain view.


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