Handicapping BB Canada 2

Who are these guys?  They're the new cast of Big Brother Canada.  They always look so happy before the "go to war" with each other for big bucks, don't they?
Who are these guys? They’re the new cast of Big Brother Canada. They always look so happy before the “go to war” with each other for big bucks, don’t they?

I have to be honest here. I didn’t really think all that much of the first season of Big Brother Canada. I felt the show was basically a clone of its American counterpart, and really didn’t do enough to separate itself from it to make the franchise stand on its own merits. The show did have the cliffhanger of the mistaken vote by Topaz Brady that cost Gary Levy the change to become the first gay North American winner ever, something Andy Herren accomplished a few months down the road in the fifteenth American season.

That being said, my first impression of this year’s cast is that it will be a wide open field.

You’ve probably seen me say this a few times, but I think occupations are usually a big clue as to who will win and who won.  At least 13 of the 15 US winners (although the argument can be made that you can say this about all 15 winners) have been people who interact in a group or a series of individuals on a daily basis: college students, financial planners, bartenders, and so forth.

If you’re a model or an entertainer, more often than not you don’t fare all that well, unless the show was cast in a way to make that more likely, as was the case the years that Rachel Reilly and Andy Herren won.

I could see about 10 of the 14 houseguests winning this season, and that’s something I usually don’t say often before a season begins.  If I had to make a pick, I’d take Andrew Gordon, the Calgary restaurant manager, with Paul Jackson of Toronto as a second choice.

Look for weekly commentaries here as the season progresses.  If the season has one thing going for it, it’s the fact that there are no repeat contestants, no US contestants, and no relatives of previous contestants.  New casts are not a bad thing at all.


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