A Whole Lot Of Nothing

This week, it was Ika Wong’s turn to depart the house, losing the eviction vote 8-1 to Heather Decksheimer. Canada (meaning the show’s viewers) have been declared the week’s Head of Household, with the relevant facts of the new HOH cycle not yet known, due to a live feed blackout going from Saturday morning to […]

They Buried Paul

In the past seven days, these were the developments: Paul Jackson made history, becoming the first sole HOH to be evicted third or sooner in the 17 North American versions of Big Brother, evicted 6-4 despite most of the women wanting to get rid of Heather Decksheimer. Rachelle Diamond, who had been playing a stealthy […]

Allison In Wonderland

The facts of the past seven days as the second season of BB Canada rolls on are these: Paul Jackson is still in the game after nearly becoming the first person in the North American format’s history to be HOH in its first cycle and evicted in its second cycle. (Not counting BB14’s Willie Hantz, […]

One Out, One In

The second season of the Canadian version of Big Brother is now underway, actually into it’s 11th day of competition. ¬†Anick Gervais was this year’s “Gigli” (like the 2003 movie that was one of the worst bombs ever), eliminated at the hands of Paul Jackson, who used a unique gambit to win the first Head […]

Handicapping BB Canada 2

I have to be honest here. I didn’t really think all that much of the first season of Big Brother Canada. I felt the show was basically a clone of its American counterpart, and really didn’t do enough to separate itself from it to make the franchise stand on its own merits. The show did […]