Still In The Silly Season

One month to go until Big Brother Canada gives me something to talk about, but there’s news with commenting on in the past month, dribs and drabs here and there:

Television host and comedian Jim Davidson is the early “feel good” story in the world of Big Brother, winning the early-year season of the UK’s all-celebrity show. According to the UK tabloids, Davidson only had 761 pounds in the bank before appearing on the show, and it’s rumored the show has netted him 200,000 to 300,000 pounds since. Usually the American entry goes deep into the series, but boxer Evander Holyfield was knocked out of the running early with some remarks deemed to be controversial.

Amanda Zuckerman can be seen on YouTube rambling on and on about herself, and why she’s right and everyone else is wrong. Big Brother Spicy’s website (a personal favorite of mine) reported back on January 20th that Zuckerman was excluded from appearing at the Reality Rally held in Temecula, California, based on her controversial statements back on Big Brother 15. Since then, she has apparently broken up with in-house squeeze McCrae Olson. I guess McCrae finally reached his boiling point with her.

As for Reality Rally, this blogger says good for them. While Amanda’s totally entitled to her opinions, and those opinions touched a lot of nerves over her season, Reality Rally has the right to include and exclude whoever they wish, and as a non-profit organization, it probably would be better for them to keep controversial contestants off of their stage. It’s just the way they choose to do business.

Finally, I was sad to hear Aaryn Gries lost her father during the week, something I can totally relate to, losing mine 23 years ago.

Whether Aaryn Gries is truly what she was on the show, or whether or not she was simply an actress playing a role (a possibility that shouldn’t be overlooked) she is a human being, so treat her as such. Give her the time to grieve as you would want for yourself if you lost a parent. It’s that simple.

The current plan is to start doing Sunday posts when Big Brother Canada gets underway, with BB16 probably commencing shortly afterwards. Enjoy the down time while you still have it.


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