2013 In Review

With 24 more days until the end of the calendar year of 2013, it’s not too early to look back at the year in Big Brother.

Chicago comic and teacher Andy Herren won this season’s BB here in the US, continuing the long standing tradition of how people put in daily social situations as their vocation usually win these seasons, and how actors and models don’t do as well. The season made headlines for controversial statements made by runner-up Ginamarie Zimmerman, third place finisher Spencer Clawson, and jurors Amanda Zuckerman and Aaryn Gries, with Gries famously saying early in the season “go cook some fried rice” behind the back of eventual ally Helen Kim.

Was it a good season? A bad season? Depends on why you watch and what you watch for.

North of the border, Jillian MacLaughlin won the first season of a most-of-Canada-wide Big Brother (though no one from Quebec made the show) that ended in controversy. MacLaughlin won a 4-3 vote, but Topaz Brady made an error in her vote that should have given Toronto fashion assistant Gary Levy the win, though he had been evicted once late in the season and then brought back into the house in a twist borrowed from the US version.

In the UK, Welshman Sam Evans succeeded Luke Anderson to become the fourteenth show winner in a season marred as well by controversy of their own. Daley Ojuederie was ejected from the season for aggressive behavior towards a female “housemate” with several other contestants getting in trouble at various points of the season for their actions.

Meanwhile, seasons eleven and twelve of the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother took place during the year. Entertainer Rylan Clark won the early year version of the show despite a strong showing from the American reality duo of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, playing as a single entry and finishing second. Reality host Charlotte Crosby won the summer season over musician Abz Love.

The tenth season of the Australia’s BB (and the second since its 2012 revival on the Nine Network) went on for 101 days before Sydney’s Tim Dorner outlasted runner-up Jade Pietrantonio and Darwin’s Tahan Lew-Fatt.

What surprises will 2014 bring?  We’ll soon find out.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


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