And The Days After That

November arrives with nothing really to chat about regarding the fifteenth season of Big Brother that passed in September.  The houseguests are still visiting each other and making the rounds and celebrity appearances, but there haven’t been any revelations of note.

Aaryn Gries (remember her?) noted in one of the San Antonio media outlets that she’s been living her life in a bubble and wants to get a job in television.

That whole racism mess, and how Aaryn got called out on her bigotry and how no one else got called out on theirs is a mystery to me still. We can add to the mystery how it is that Aaryn’s mother hasn’t sued CBS yet for defamation of character. Then again, I suppose you have to have character in order to have it defamed.

When the show ended, I imagined Aaryn’s folks would throw the f-word around, and alleged the show was fixed.

I could of also seen CBS admitting to it and cancelling the show.

But neither event happened.

Canada’s “Big Brother 2” is now a month closer, so is another Big Brother clone that will debut on SyFy next year called Opposite Worlds. The SyFy show is being brought to us by JD Roth’s 3 Ball Productions. Sound familiar? They brought us another Big Brother clone called Unan1mous back in 2006.

Will CBS go after this show legally like they did ABC’s Glass House? Time will tell the tale.



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