The Days After

Welcome back my friends to the season of Big Brother that never ends.

All of the cast of BB15 has had something to say about the season that just ended a couple of weeks ago…or was it three. It’s all a gigantic blur to me. Everyone had something to say to try to explain the season away, but the season still lays there like a piece of excrement in a toilet bowl, not disintegrating with time in the water that surrounds it.

I watch Big Brother over the years for the strategic element of the show. But with an MVP twist that favored one specific contestant over the other because she was the sister of the previous winner, strategy was thrown out the window.

It was like watching a baseball game where hitters only get one strike. It was a totally different game disguised as Big Brother, really.

The only real thing that caught my eye was that, with the help of a radio station, Ginamarie Zimmerman challenged Amanda Zuckerman to a jello wrestling match.

OK, I’m a guy, so of course I noticed that. I doubt Amanda would accept the challenge. She’s probably holding out for cole slaw wrestling.


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