The Tying Up Of Loose Ends

Could Andy Herren become the first LGBT winner of a US Big Brother season?
Could Andy Herren become the first LGBT winner of a US Big Brother season?

Alas, Hailey Jones was wrong after all.

The tension grabbing double eviction claimed two prominent victims this Thursday past. Amanda Zuckerman got to stepping first, losing on a vote that required HOH Ginamarie Zimmerman to break a 2-2 deadlock, the first tie we’ve seen since BB13 when Jeff Schroeder took his leave after Kalia Booker broke up a similar tie.

In the one hour eviction cycle proceeding Amanda’s exodus, McCrae Olson won HOH, nominating Elissa Slater and Ginamarie Zimmerman. The nominations were kept the same after Judd Daugherty won the veto, and Elissa Slater was unanimously sent packing to Juryland.

In eviction cycle number thirteen, Spencer Clawson won his first HOH reign of the season, nominating McCrae and Ginamarie, who were chained to each other for 24 hours in an HOH competition penalty. Yesterday, McCrae punched his ticket into the game’s final four round with his third POV win. The most likely scenario has Judd going up as the replacement nominee, with Judd (I think) going out in fifth place, although Ginamarie could be gotten rid of just as easily.

The problem with conspiracy theories is twofold: one, they rarely come through as the exact truth, and secondly they are often used as a shortcut to prevent us the fans from doing our own research. A lazy way out if you will. In the case of Hailey Jones, it should be noted that she did get one part of her “prophecy” exactly right: that Elissa Slater would not win, proving to be a “distraction” to the eventual winner which now appears to be Andy Herren.

Also, it should be noted that everyone who said in the house that the game was rigged for Elissa was evicted before she was, right up to Amanda Zuckerman a few minutes before the departure of Rachel Reilly’s now famed sister,

Why did the script change so that Amanda got the proverbial axe? I don’t think the axis of Les Moonves, Julie Chen, and Allison Grodner are dummies, nor have they been the driving force of this show by sitting back and being lazy. They probably knew that Zuckerman would prove an unpopular victor from gauging the show’s unfavorable reviews on social media, thus it is my belief they went to a Plan B. The show has never had a LGBT winner in its fifteen seasons on the air, and with Andy Herren making some game winning moves during the double eviction that fooled the other contestants, he seems the logical choice to take the $500,000 in a week and a half. Plus, with all the toxic and negative publicity that has surrounded the season, it would send the show off until 2014 on a high note.

But could I be wrong? Could there be another plan in the works? Absolutely. Stay tuned.


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