Not So Fast, My Friends

Thanks to those who keep tweeting BB15…

So on Tuesday, I announced that I am shutting it down for the rest of season fifteen. I haven’t watched any of the live feeds or any of the TV shows. I have decided, however, to continue doing blog entries for the remainder of the season by following Twitter, listening to the Big Brother Gossip podcast and reading Hamsterwatch. Kind of like Paul Newman in The Color of Money, I invest in excellence, and these sites are the best in covering the ongoing season, and I give them my full endorsement.

For those of you harassing the contestants on the show, or giving out their addresses, do me a favor? STOP IT! You are ruining things for all of us doing that, ruining the chances of live feeds for a subsequent season down the road. I would agree that the show has abandoned their role with houseguests bullying other houseguests, but apparently none of you have ever heard that two wrongs don’t make one right.

The much ballyhooed clash of titans took place Thursday night when four-time HOH winner Aaryn Gries was evicted with an 8th place finish, the lowest finish for a contestant claiming that many reigns. But I had no interest in Julie Chen and her mini-Spanish inquisition of Aaryn. I didn’t need Chen’s seal of approval that Aaryn was a racist, I had seen and heard it for myself. However, the calling out of Aaryn’s racism is historically inconsistent, Ivette Corredero wasn’t called out by Julie for calling Kaysar Ridha a “sand n****r” in season six, for instance.

(A commenter pointed out to me that he/she was pretty sure Ivette never called Kaysar that.  OK, another example then. How about Amber in season eight making Anti-Semitic remarks? Or Jeff in season eleven going on an anti-gay rant against Dumbledore? Is that better for you, sir or madam?  By the way, I got my information here. Note that the article is still there eight years later. If it wasn’t said, perhaps it would not be there. You’re welcome.)

So why do so now? In my opinion, CBS desperately wants the racist, sexist, and misogynist talk in the house to have ONE face, not four or five or whatever the number of contestants are that have engaged in the foul talk. I also think it goes back to the stunt casting of Elissa Slater, with the execution of Gries now giving her a nice, shiny game résumé. Hopefully, the US version of Big Brother implements rules similar to the other international versions of the show, where race, gender, and sexual preference slurring and bashing are not tolerated. But with the current production regime led by Allison Grodner, I doubt it. Controversy creates cash, as wrestling promoter and performer Eric Bischoff said in his autobiography, and that’s the way the world works. I get that.

Then we had the spectacle of Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson going up as the most recent batch of nominees and Zuckerman crying foul to Head of Household Ginamarie Zimmerman quite loudly. Zuckerman then threatened, as many have done before her, to execute her right to DOR (Drop Out Request) and leave the game. Oddly enough, no one has executed a DOR in the history of the game. There have contestants that have left because of expulsion, or because of family emergencies with only “Evel” Dick Donato has ever been mentioned on the show again, the rest have been excommunicated from the universe of CBS and the media in general. I’m sure that Zuckerman has since been reminded about the perils of quitting on her terms and not the show’s terms, and hence the quick change of heart.

Somebody should put up a small bounty ($10,000 or so) to get someone to DOR in a future season. I want to see it happen.

Finally, we get to what is MY problem with the show, really. After Amanda Zuckerman went into hellcat mode in the house, she was in the storage room and thought Elissa was overhearing her conversation with Andy Herren (or was it Spencer Clawson), if I remember what I read on Twitter correctly. Amanda slammed the storage room door, using it as a weapon in hopes it would slam into her. Lucky for Amanda, Elissa was nowhere near the door when Amanda chose to do that.

I did not expect Amanda to be expelled for slamming the door, but apparently the attempted assault went totally ignored. Last season, it was Willie Hantz butting heads with Joe Arvin, and Willie was expelled for that. That flew in the face of a similar incident in season six when Janelle Pierzina and Beau Beasley did the exact same thing with no ejections. So violence or near-violence is okay in some seasons, but not okay on other seasons. And apparently, if you attempt assault, it’s no harm and no foul if it does not succeed.

I just grow tired of the double standards the show represents sometimes. I’m sure some of you feel likewise.


3 thoughts on “Not So Fast, My Friends

  1. Just to respond to your statement about Ivette calling Kaysar a sand n****r – it never happened. A false rumor started by internet haters. Ivette herself is adamant that she never said that. No one in the BB house has ever said she said it. Despite the live feeds broadcast all over the internet, there has never been a video clip produced of her saying it, and if she had said it you can bet that clip would be out there. She did say some other things in BB6 that could be taken as offensive, but not that one. This is how false rumors are perpetuated, falsely stated as fact in posts like yours.
    I would just suggest to anyone that when you claim that someone has used the big N, you should be damn sure that is what was actually said. It’s too heinous of a word to attach to someone incorrectly.

    1. Whether or not it is true is open for debate at this point. Just because one person says it didn’t happen doesn’t necessarily mean that’s correct or not.

      The point that I’m making is that racism seems to be okay in some seasons, but not in this one. Racism should never be okay, and I think it’s important to point out that hypocrisy that this show has.

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