What I Learned This Season

To the surprise of a very few followers, Andy Herren won the $500,000 on Wednesday as he bested Ginamarie Zimmerman 7-2 in the final vote amongst the nine jurors. Spencer Clawson, who now goes down into the show record books with a whopping nine eviction, finished in third place. It was the longest season of […]

Send In The Man!

The longest season in show history (at least here in the United States) is now a few days away from being over. Judd Daugherty made his re-exit and McCrae Olson departed, leaving the game down to the remaining three that will stay in the house until the last day. Over the past few days, the […]

The Tying Up Of Loose Ends

Alas, Hailey Jones was wrong after all. The tension grabbing double eviction claimed two prominent victims this Thursday past. Amanda Zuckerman got to stepping first, losing on a vote that required HOH Ginamarie Zimmerman to break a 2-2 deadlock, the first tie we’ve seen since BB13 when Jeff Schroeder took his leave after Kalia Booker […]

Not So Fast, My Friends

So on Tuesday, I announced that I am shutting it down for the rest of season fifteen. I haven’t watched any of the live feeds or any of the TV shows. I have decided, however, to continue doing blog entries for the remainder of the season by following Twitter, listening to the Big Brother Gossip […]