Breaking Point

I thought I’d make it through the season before I would have to re-evaluate whether or not I’d cover Big Brother anymore.

But yesterday I read Amanda making threats to slit throats of anyone who didn’t put Elissa Slater in the next eviction cycle…and I said to myself “I don’t need this.”

I realized the two made nice last night, but some threats just go too far.

It’s my understand that the phrase was said mainly in jest, but it wasn’t the first time Amanda had said that specific threat. Had she typed it on Facebook (on Twitter too, maybe) she’d be put in jail.

They don’t allow NFL players to make throat slashing gesture, and haven’t for several years after O.J. Simpson’s alleged murder of his wife back in 1994. I don’t think speaking of slitting throats has any place in the game.

So I’m done covering this season. I’ll update the “Fall of Houseguests” every week until the show ends, but that’s it. Future projects BB related are TBA.

Thanks to all for who have stopped by this site, but my line in the sand has been crossed.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Point

    1. Thanks so much. I just think the season is beyond repair at this point, especially when you have HG’s making threats and fans getting themselves in trouble making threats back. I can’t do a “tell it like it is” kind of blog if what I say could inflame others.

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