Another Message From Hailey Jones

Hailey Jones sends another message...
Hailey Jones sends another message…

So on the 65th day of competition, Amanda Zuckerman finally won something. In a clutch situation, Amanda won the Power of Veto, so she likely saves boyfriend McCrae from the block. Confidence is somewhat high that Andy Herren makes his first trip to the block on Monday as his replacement.

The POV contest was another Zingbot themed event, and apparently Andy got zinged over being a floater (someone who gravitates to wherever the power is, not true to any side at any time) which got him upset.

We can talk all we want about whether or not the show is rigged, for who, and why. But what gets lost in all of that is how the show is interfering with the game play this season. A couple of weeks ago, Julie Chen asked a highly suggestive Twitter question (or so she said) as to why nobody is playing the game this year. That is, all the votes for a stretch were unanimous, and that with Helen Kim in the house, everyone always seemed to take paths of least resistance.

Personally, I find that kind of interference more disquieting than the “it’s rigged” rumor mill out there in the Twitterverse.

Assume for a moment that every conspiracy theory out there is absolutely true. Who would we all appeal to restore order? The very people who caused the disorder to begin with. It’s kind of a variation of a Stockholm Syndrome, really.

Is Hailey Jones right in what “she” says? If she is, we won’t know until the show is nearly over. Plus, Amanda has several more obstacles to dodge before she wins, including how she will win the Final 2 vote against anybody as she has angered a lot of the prospective and current jurors.

Did you catch Jessie Kowalski saying “F**k you Amanda” a couple of times in the HOH competition Thursday night?

I wish some of you out in the realm of social media would smarten up. Whether or not the show is rigged is irrelevant, since we all continue to watch it. If this is what you think, simply turn the show off, or go watch something else on the Internet. That’s all you need to do. As for me, I starting covering this season, so I intend to finish covering it Lord willing. When and if season sixteen comes around, I will make my decision to cover it then and only then.


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