Mysteries And Realities

Some on the Internet can't stop talking about Helen's HOH competition exit.
Some on the Internet can’t stop talking about Helen’s HOH competition exit on Day 63.  Here’s a GIF I found of the exit (with thanks to whoever uploaded it first), you be the judge.

We’re now up to the evening of the 64th day of season fifteen. Last night, Elissa Slater won a ball catching competition while the cast stood on small platforms against a wall to capture her first Head of Household reign of the season. Also in the competition were the last four evictees: Judd Daugherty, Jessie Kowalski, Candice Stewart, and the most recently departed Helen Kim. Whoever survived amongst those four won re-entry back into the house, and if one of the four jurors caught ten balls before the seven houseguests did, then the juror won re-entry and would reign as HOH.

Elissa then nominated McCrae Olson on his maiden voyage on the block, along with Elissa’s nearly season long nemesis, Aaryn Gries.

There was a controversial moment regarding Kim’s departure from the HOH comp, with the Twitterverse swearing up and down that Helen was tapped on her right heel to exit the competition, and therefore the game.

I submit that whether or not conspiracy exists is a moot point. Remember, this is a show that said in the fine print of the MVP vote at the start of the season that they can invalidate any votes they want, nor have they shown the percentage breakdown of any vote in any season for the world to see. It is their game, and we’re given the illusion that the game is real. If we question their reality, it defeats the purpose of the question, since they own the reality.

Does that mean that I believe its totally rigged? No. It’s somewhere between a legitimate contest and totally rigged. Endemol spends a lot of time removing content from YouTube not only because they own the show, but (in my case) they tend to remove what is “conspiracy theory” material. I put up the alleged “monkey” clip of Amanda a few weeks ago so people could judge the incident for themselves. If Endemol doesn’t want that material around, it obviously leads to the question of why, a question no one requires them to answer.

As for me, I had to answer a quiz on YouTube over the sins of posting copyrighted material, when other copyrighted material of BB15 exists on the Internet in abundance that is not controversial. I guess you could call it sensitivity training. I find it amazing that if you post copyrighted material of, say, CNN breaking a news story, that’s fine. But if you dare commit the sacrilege of showing 10 seconds of a Big Brother season, you are automatically assumed guilty.

What got lost in the shuffle of Helen’s somewhat mysterious exit is in the moments that followed, Candice just walked off the small plank, willingly surrendering her shot at half a million dollars. Judd explained later that she had no interest in returning. If true, why did she wait until it was down to herself and Judd in the jurors race to re-enter?

I tend to believe in my more cynical moments that these controversies are staged merely to get the “marks” (us fans) to stay interested in the show. This blog was ahead of the curb in the deduction that half of the cast was put in there to make Elissa look good. The havoc they have caused has certainly kept all of us talking about the show to the point where it has prompted further discussion of the issues it has centered upon.

If we had simply turned off the show, the arguments themselves would become moot points.


3 thoughts on “Mysteries And Realities

  1. If for any reason the Program is not capable of being executed as planned, or if there is an infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud or technical failures, or if any other causes beyond the control of Administrators corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of this Program, the Administrators reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to withdraw the transmission of, or to disqualify, any vote.

    You kind of left out the conditions on which they can leave out a vote….”any reason” is a bit vague.

  2. Candice and Helen both clearly jumped. Whether they were paid off is a mystery. I wouldn’t jump without a pay out. I have always thought the game was rigged for Elissa, Judd, Amanda and McGrae to go far in the game. I think it would be virtually impossible to rig the entire game for one person to win!

    1. There continue to be rumors that Amanda is “The Chosen One” to win the game. Still a lot of obstacles for her to overcome to win, like how can she win the final vote at this point.

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