Helen Under The Gun

Elissa once again saves herself from peril, becoming the first two-time POV winner this season.
Elissa once again saves herself from peril, becoming the first two-time POV winner this season.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve found the past several days lacking in excitement.

First, a brief recap: Helen Kim and Elissa Slater were the nominees put up by now four-time HOH Aaryn Gries on Friday. But once again, Elissa (though she was not the target this time) saved herself by winning the rough and tumble “OTEV” contest last night. She will likely save herself off the block and make a little history happen, as the most likely scenarios have Spencer Clawson going up a record-tying sixth time as the replacement nominee. If all goes according to plan, Helen Kim will be the ninth evicted but earning a one in four chance at going back in the house as a returnee. If Spencer is nominated but yet stays in the game, he will very likely break the nominations record, since at least a unprecedented seventh nomination will be needed to evict him.

I’d very much like to see Candice Stewart return to the house just for the excitement factor alone. Notice how obsessed Ginamarie Zimmerman is of her, even though game wise she scored the kill? Candice was the target of a lot of bullying in the house during her 49 day stay, so bringing her back even if for just another week would not doubt send the house in a tizzy.

If Jessie Kowalski comes back, it winds up being awkward since she made her peace with the house.

If Judd Daugherty comes back, the main protagonists behind his demise are pretty much gone. Andy Herren would likely be who he’d stalk after, or would it be Amanda Zuckerman? McCrae Olson?

If Candice came back, it would be ratings gold. The fact that this isn’t an “America’s Choice” tells me this is the outcome producers are hoping for. Wouldn’t blame them if they attempted to fix it this way.


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