Baby Faced Assassin

Aaryn's clown doll gets more airtime...Miss Gries won her 4th HOH last night, tying the single season record.
Aaryn’s clown doll gets more airtime…Miss Gries won her 4th HOH last night, tying the single season record.

The field for season fifteen has now been cut in half from 16 to 8, although we learned last night that indeed one of the jurors will be returning in a week, so the field will stay go down to seven briefly next week and then return to eight.

Jessie Kowalski’s rampage in the house could not be sustained, mainly because the rampage could not change the outcome of the vote. She was voted out 6-0 for now, with either her, Judd Daugherty, Candice Stewart, or next week’s evictee going back in. It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the revolving door, it’s a twist that really hasn’t payed dividends over the years as much as you’d think. And with this bunch, whoever gets back in may very well get kicked back out again.

There was yet another faux marriage ceremony between Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson. I didn’t think it would be any good, but it was tongue-in-cheek enough to be humorous. I doubt, however, there relationship lasts once they get back into reality.

We may not like Aaryn Gries for what she says in the house and her racist views (unlike the fiction the TV show peddles, she is not the only one in the house with those views, but they use her as the poster child of these shady characters), but we better recognize that she is a damn good player in that house. Or is it the rest of the house is that inferior? She’s already captured her fourth reign of HOH-dom with yet another competition win, tying five others (including four winners) on the all-time single-season leaderboard.  It took Janelle Pierzina 60 days and ten eviction cycles for her to claim her four HOH’s, Aaryn did it in 56 days in nine cycles.

Apparently, Elissa Slater chose the moment right before the HOH competition to talk trash to Aaryn and her on-and-off pal Ginamarie Zimmerman, so it’s a safe bet that she and house dictator Helen Kim will go up on the block. That pairing would make Helen a much more appetizing target, but the house doesn’t know that whoever leaves next Thursday might just go back in the game. Should make for an interesting week.


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